Building Healthier Lives—Together

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy provides the value, access, and expertise our patients, partners, and affiliates seek to build healthier lives through caring relationships.

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Customized medications your patients need.

Give your patients the exact medication they need—exactly when they need it. Provide safe, customized medications through our state-of-the-art compounding lab.

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Accessible care and support.

When you’re diagnosed with a serious disease, you have a thousand worries on your mind. We understand—and we’re here to help.

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Dedicated and experienced patient care.

Time spent on paperwork—overcoming barriers to medication access or obtaining prior authorizations—is time spent away from your patients. We help our partnered providers focus on what matters most to them—patient care—not paperwork. Together, we can deliver the highest quality of care.

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Health Systems

Partnering to improve health outcomes.

As a health care system, your priority is always achieving the best patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, but you also need to keep your business running smoothly. We're continually improving to develop programs that ease the administrative burden you face in providing pharmacy services.

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Driven to make care cost-effective.

As a payor, your key objective is to provide appropriate, timely, and cost-effective care. The provision of medical benefits using prior authorizations, and specific pharmacy benefits strategies like step therapy, split-fills, and quantity limits are common ways of achieving that objective. Our highly trained staff assists you in meeting those goals.

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Our heritage is an independent spirit—​our vision is innovation.

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy was born from an independent spirit. Over six decades, our collective experience has grown to include 17 retail pharmacy locations and several associated organizations—all of whom are dedicated to fostering innovation in support of independent pharmacies and exceptional patient care.

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Experienced and comprehensive care management.

As a manufacturer, you have invested years to develop and manufacture specialty medications. We are committed to removing barriers and to educating patients to achieve the best possible outcomes from their medication regimen.

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