Provide the customized medications your patients need

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy’s dedicated team of compounding pharmacists and technicians can help you provide safe, customized medications. Our team can change your patient’s dosage form, combine medications, customize the active or inactive ingredients, or create a medication that is currently unavailable to ensure your patients have access to exactly what they need.

State-of-the-Art Compounding Lab

USP 800 protects pharmacy employees from the possible effects of hazardous compounds. Our state-of-the-art compounding lab is designed to exceed all USP 800 regulations to create safe and reliable medications for your patients.

Our Compounding Focus

Our categories of expertise include bioidentical hormones, thyroid, pain management, and dermatology medications. Commonly requested dosage forms include creams, lozenges, capsules, triturates, suppositories, tablets, troches, gels, and suspensions.

The Perfect Dermatology Partner

With the ability to supply specialty, non-specialty, and compounded medications, Sterling is the perfect partner for dermatology providers. Use our General Dermatology Enrollment Form to begin our new partnership.