Experienced and reliable

As a manufacturer, you have invested years to develop and manufacture specialty medications. If your specialty medications do not reach patients, patients are not adherent, or do not know how to best use a particular medication, this effort is wasted. We are committed to removing barriers and to educating patients to achieve the best possible outcomes from their medication regimen. We provide:

Reporting Capabilities

Call center, pharmacy, and clinical operations data are captured by a data warehouse enabling reporting on trends and outcomes, including adherence, side effects, and general disease state monitoring. Ad hoc reporting can be conducted to answer complicated questions, providing actionable intelligence to support decision-making and strategy development.

Integrated Clinical Operations

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy is accredited by URAC and ACHC as a specialty pharmacy. These accreditations provide the highest standards for care and frame our interactions with patients, physicians, and payors. We continue to improve our performance through regular physician, partner, and patient feedback. Our flexible approach to workflow and interactions with clinicians and patients minimizes provider disruption while enabling us to provide high-touch, personal care.

Delivery Management

Our shipments are tracked for greater precision in handling expensive medications for time and temperature, as well as enabling us to redirect medications as needed. Our operations are aligned to execute REMS programs. This allows the manufacturer the confidence that clinical, financial, and operational decisions are performed within the guidelines designed for the medication.

Sterling has a long history of reliable, personalized service in community pharmacy. But Sterling Specialty Pharmacy does more than just juggle paperwork: we are committed to the continuous improvement of our own—and our partners’—clinical delivery programs.