Accessible care and support

Filling a specialty medication can be a complicated process. We’re here to get your medications in your hands as quickly as possible—with clean instructions on how and when to use them. Here’s how it works:

We work directly with your physician.

Your physician will contact Sterling with your prescription, your health history, and your treatment plan and we’ll work directly with your provider to get you your medications quickly and efficiently.

We work on your behalf.

We work with both your physician’s office and your insurance to get your prescription benefits verified, and to connect you with any programs you may need to manage your copay or get other financial assistance.

We are always available.

We provide you with personalized information on taking your medication safely, any adverse effects that you should watch out for, and stay in touch with you, 24/7, to answer any questions that arise during your treatment.

We offer easy delivery to your home.

No need to make a trip to pick up your medication. We will ship your medication directly to your door.

Don’t let questions about your medications stop you from taking or filling your prescription on time. Sterling Specialty Pharmacy is here to help support you with expertise and compassion.

What to Know

What is Adherence?

“Adherence” is the term pharmacists and physicians typically use to describe taking all of your medications when you are supposed to, in the amount that is prescribed.

What to Know

What is Specialty Pharmacy?

Specialty pharmacy focuses on medications that are typically high cost and complex, requiring high-touch therapies.