Innovating for better outcomes

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy has a heritage of independence and an unwavering commitment to patient care that dates to 1952—when Leonard Astrup opened his first pharmacy in Austin, Minnesota.

We understand the needs of independent pharmacies. We help our affiliates focus their valuable time and attention on what matters most—providing exceptional patient care—by helping create comprehensive care models and sustainable business models in response to the changing pharmacy landscape.

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy has developed a one-of-a-kind model to support and grow specialty pharmacy patient care services in local communities across the country. We support independent pharmacy by: 

Reducing Financial Risk.

As an experienced partner, Sterling Specialty Pharmacy can help significantly reduce the technology, resource, and financial barriers of creating and introducing your own internal specialty pharmacy services. 

Partnering with Sterling Specialty allows our affiliate pharmacies to expand the care options they provide—while maintaining and strengthening personal relationships with their patients. 

Keeping You Connected.

Community engagement—with patients and local providers—is one of the reasons independent pharmacies provide more responsive care and attentive service than large pharmacy chains or mail-order pharmacies. 

We help our partner pharmacies keep care local and personal in their communities.

Responding to an Evolving Pharmacy Landscape.

Specialty prescriptions continue to grow at a rapid rate—according to IMS Health (now QuintilesIMS), specialty medicine will grow from 27% of pharmacy revenue (2015) to 44% in 2020.

We partner with our affiliate pharmacies to leverage our experience and capabilities in response to this trend—while helping them forecast future needs from both a business and patient care perspective.

This approach helps our affiliate pharmacies to retain and better serve their existing patients, while creating a sustainable plan for future growth.