Dedicated and devoted to patient care

You and your staff are dedicated to providing the highest possible quality in healthcare. Time spent on paperwork—overcoming barriers to medication access or obtaining prior authorization (PA)—is time spent away from patient care. We understand. Sterling Specialty provides services customized to fit your needs, priorities, and workflow, including:

Faster results for patients.

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to continuous innovation to improve medication delivery time and patient experience. This focus allows us to expedite the prior authorization and appeals process, getting your patients the therapies they need, faster.

Improved staff efficiency.

We have a dedicated staff to support you throughout the PA and appeals process, helping you streamline paperwork and get your patients the medications they need more efficiently.

Patient education and support.

Providing patient education and clinical support, including proper use, storage, and administration of medications, is critical to your patients’ health outcomes. We have extensive experience with patient education and adherence counseling.

Keeping you connected.

The world of specialty medications is constantly changing. Our team is here to help with any questions you have on the medications your patients need.